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So You Want to Study the Bible


Are you interested in reading the bible but don’t know where or how to start? Are you intimidated? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t know, really, what it’s about?

Here’s a few tips for you to get you started on your own adventure into God’s Word.


The bible is one integrated story of God’s love for and mercy toward the human race. God created the world, the universe and everything in it. Contrary to current cultural norms it didn’t all create itself out of nothing (Note: check the theory of evolution against the standard of scientific method and draw your own conclusions).


The bible tells us mankind was created in the image of God, which means we had certain godly attributes including the capacity to make moral choices. Science can often tell us what “is”. Science cannot tell us what we “ought"


We were designed by God for a relationship with Him but with the delegated freedom to choose. Mankind, in  its earliest era chose to go against God. They exercised their God given right to choose between right and wrong. As a direct result of disobedience the relationship was broken, sin entered the world and with it, death.


As fallen humans we cannot fix ourselves or restore a relationship with a holy God. If I choose to commit murder and spend the rest of my life making amends by doing good deeds, at the end of the day the victim of my murder is still dead. In short I cannot fix my own sin problem. Nor can you.


The bible, aka God’s Word, shows us our sin and shows us our savior- the perfect blood sacrifice to make amends for humanity. God has accepted the sacrifice of Jesus as payment in full for our sin for all who come to Him in faith, trusting God for our salvation and renouncing the sin in our lives. In eternity past Jesus the Son of God stood before His Father. He pointed to you and He pointed to me before I was ever born and said in effect: “Father, My life for his; my blood for his.” A covenant, which is the most sacred form of contract was entered into between God the Father and God the Son whereby the Father agreed to accept the blood of His only Son as atonement for sin and hence to restore the relationship between man and God . This was guaranteed on oath by God and sealed by His Holy Spirit indwelling all who come to Christ by faith.


God’s Word is broadly divided into two “covenants”. The Old Testament (covenant) and the New Testament (covenant).


The Old Testament records the fall of man, the resulting chaos inflicted on the world and the beginning of God’s plan to reconcile the world to Himself thru the Person of Jesus Christ. Since people were making up their own rules and fashioning their own gods as “comfort food” to soothe their consciences God separated a people for Himself. He created the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, gave them His perfect law to set an absolute standard of right conduct against which standard the lawless world could not cope but was forced to acknowledge. This served two major purposes. The first was to objectively demonstrate that no mere man can keep God’s law perfectly and save themselves. We all fall short. The second and most important purpose was to create the environment into which Jesus, the Son of God, would  become incarnate, born to a virgin to live out His life in perfect obedience to God and offer Himself as the perfect sacrifice on our behalf, the God man. The bible calls Him Emmanuel, “God with us”.

Thus the Old Covenant established the legal standard for reconciling to God and demonstrated the impossibility of our meeting that standard.


The New Testament is the record of Jesus’ earthly ministry, death and resurrection from the dead, the first born of many to follow. The New Testament goes on to record the response of Christ’s followers and appointed apostles in building His church after He returned home to “prepare a place for us”. It also contains letters to the various new churches instructing them on how to follow Christ in right living and acting and, of utmost importance, exactly who Christ is and what Christians need to know, to believe and to embrace concerning Him.


Finally, the book of Revelation gives us a vision of Christ’s second coming, not as a sacrificial lamb this time but as the Lion of Judah, the king who will deal with sin and establish His kingdom.

In the New Covenant Christ meets the standard of perfection against the legal standard God required. He then offered Himself as the blood sacrifice as the price to cover our sin. The New Covenant for us is a standard of mercy and grace (God's unmerited favor), sealed in Christ's blood and available to all who accept it by faith.


If all this sounds “other worldly” to you please consider this: we live in a four dimensional universe of height, depth, width and time. As soon as we accept the proposition that more dimensions exist, all things become possible. Scientists are now postulating as many as ten dimensions. According to the bible God stands above them all.


Where to start:


Here is my own suggested reading in order:


New Testament

          Gospel of Luke

          Book of Acts

          Book of Romans

          Book of Galatians


Old Testament

          Book of Genesis


          I and II Samuel


Deeper study

          Prophecy: Daniel, Ezekial and Zechariah


For Comfort

          All of us have hurts and failures. Some of us are hurting most of the time. Others have been traumatized and can’t find a way out of the grieving process; we end up getting “stuck”.


          The bible calls David “a man after God’s own heart”. That’s high praise coming from God, Himself. David was the warrior hero of Israel. As a youth he killed a 9 foot giant and won a great battle for the army of Israel. He was God’s designated and hand picked king to succeed King Saul. It was through David’s bloodline that God promised by covenant oath to bring forth the Saviour and future King.


Yet David, after he killed Goliath, earned the jealousy of the current king Saul who spent over ten years trying to kill him. As a result David spent much of his youth on the run, as a fugitive, hiding in the desert, in caves and mountain crags and finally retreating to a foreign land to become a paid soldier for Israel’s enemy, the Philistines.


Eventually, when David was age 30 Saul died in battle and David was able to prevail in a civil war and become king, as God intended all along.


So this good and godly man had it all. And then he sinned. He stole a man’s wife and had the man killed to avoid being found out. Adultery and murder from “a man after God’s own heart.” Ultimately David was forgiven by God and continued to rule altho his sin had serious consequenses for his family for generations to follow.


David was a warrior, a king, a worshipper of the one true God and also the poet of Israel. As such he wrote many psalms concerning his relationship with God, his trust in God in dark places, his remorse over his sin and assurance of God’s ultimate forgiveness and restoration. These psalms are a comfort to all Christians in times of suffering, an assurance of Gods unfailing love for His people and psalms which put voice to our praise to God for Who He is and what He has done on our behalf.


Some of my favorites are:


          Psalm 121

         Psalm 51

          Psalm 19

          Psalm 63

         Psalm 93

          Psalm 139



I personally hope you find this summary useful and that it helps trigger in you a lifelong fascination with the Word of God.