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The Exodus and Mt. Sinai - Fact or Legend


Mt. Sinai (video)


One of the longstanding criticisms of the bible is that it is just a book of myths, legends, and at best, moral teachings, all  with little basis in fact or history.

The story of the Israelites' exodus from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses is a classic case in point. Critics and skeptics have long attacked the factual basis of this story citing a complete lack of archeological evidence. They maintain, perhaps correctly, that several million people could hardly have wandered around the Sinai penninsula for 40 years without leaving a trace.

The good news for bible believers, is that this is also a classic case of what happens when traditions overtake and overide the clear and detailed words of the bible itself. In point of fact there is no biblical support for the traditional site of Mt. Sinai in the Sinai penninsula, let alone artifacts of any kind of encampment at the traditional site.. According to the bible, the actual Mt. Sinai was and is located in Saudi Arabia. There remains to this day ample evidence confirming details of the biblical account of a people called by God, who camped at the foot of the mountain and received their marching orders directly from the Creator of the universe and author of the bible. Please take a few minutes to review the video. Decide for yourself.