Facing the Storm




     "You will know the truth
  and the truth will set you


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Christmas and Why It Matters (youtube)


Church Disciplines


End of Days

Hardness of Heart

True Love

Preparing for Battle


The Gospel

Will We Stand

Stand Firm


More than Conquerors

Born Again: What Does It Look Like

Diagnosing Heart Conditions: a Parable of Jesus


End of Days

God or Caesar

Simple Manhood

A Weary World Rejoices (Rumble)


            Hope Has Come Pt 2 (video)

           Hope Has Come (video)

            Hope Has Come (song)

The Lake of Fire

The Woman at the Well: Leaderhip Outside the Box

Where Is the Church?

                Which Dog Are You Feeding? (Strength Training)

What Is Truth?

He Will Hold Me Fast (song)

Healing for Hurting Families

How to Uncover Truth: a Protocol

Raise a Hallelujah (song)

Who Is In First Place In Your Life

Choosing Your Relationships Carefully

Goodness of God (song)

The Question Which Will Determine Your Destiny

What Must I Do To Be Saved? (A Discussion)

Are You Sure You're Saved?

Dealing with Fear in the Age of Covid

Only a Holy God  (song)

The Passover Lamb God's Perfect Sacrifice

Is There a Key to Godly Living?

Effectively Dealing with the Sin that Controls Us

Who Do You Say I AM?

Waymaker (song)

The Seed of the Woman 

The Holy Spirit Living In Us

The Armor of God and How It Works 

Suffering and Overcoming

What a Beautiful Name (song)

How Is Your Religion Treating You?

What Nobody Wants to Talk About

Truth and Why It Matters

Be Still and Know

Is the Bible Reliable?

The Backside of the Desert


How Do We Fight?


Why Do I Hurt? A Conversation

Stuck in Lo Debar

National Penitence

Winning the Battle Against Sin

You Say (song) 


Where is the Church in  America?

Leadership in Crisis

When God  Doesn't Answer

Only a Holy God  (song)


Are You a Child of God

A Tale of Two Dogs

(Downtown) Harrison's Story

Waymaker (song)

Courage for the Faltering Heart

Kissing Frogs

(How many frogs must you kiss to find your prince?)

Kissing Frogs (part 2)

Is Marijuana a Sin?

Whose Truth is True?

The Power of a Choice

Pulling the Dog's Tail

(Are You Tired of Being "Triggered")

Everlasting (Song)

Your Choice of Friends

Raise a Hallelujah (song)

The Elephant in the Room

(Answering Life's Most Important Question)


Everlasting to Everlasting (song) 


A Successful Life

(Finding Success Where You Aren't Looking)

Finishing Well

(It's Not How Well You Start, But How You Finish That Counts)

Finding Peace

So Will I (song)

The Armor of God and How It Works


I Am Who You Say I Am (song)



Abiding in Christ

(Reflecting the character of God from the inside out)